Projector FAQs

Gobo Projector FAQs

I don't know which power should I choose?

At first, you sould make a decision of the image size as you want. Second, considering about your using envirement brightness, you can choose the right power projector. Please check below: 

How can I adjust the project image size?

The project image size is base on the project distance. More far distance, the image will bigger.

For example, if the projector beam angle is 15°, then the image size and project distance as below diagram:

How much different beam angles for all your projectors?

Please check below to know all of our projectors beam angles:

The projector doesn't work?
Screw off the heat sink, check the LEDs. If the LEDs become dark and during the warranty period, you can change new LEDs from local dealer free. For the over warranty period, you can buy new LEDs for replacement.
The projector doesn't work but the LEDs are clean?
Please send your device to local dealer to check the driver. If during the warranty period, we’ll replace the driver to you free. For over warranty period, it should be charged for the driver replacement.
The image becomes dark?
Normally this issue is happened for years' time using. The LED's luminance is decreased by time. You can replace new LEDs to solve it.
The image becomes blurry after a heavy rain?
Probably, it cause by water get into device. Plug off power, separate all parts of the device, removing water as drier as better. Then, re-assembling the device to light again.
The image is out of shape,difference as I expect?

Normally,slanted light could image out of shape than vertical way.For example,one perfect circle image will be performed a oval in the slanted light way.

If you want it be justed to a perfect circle perform, you should tell us:

1.the height of the projector.

2.the height of the output image.

3.the distance between the projector and the image.

Then our designer could according geometry to design the raw image on gobo to adjust it.

How to choose the power of projector?

The projector Lux better to be at least 80% of the environment Lux,please refer below and ask sales for the Lux data of projector:



Is there any MOQ request? Could I buy one projector only?

We don't have MOQ limited for gobo projectors. Even one set projector order is acceptable. But, the prices are different for difference quantity. You can email to to get the prices detailedly.

Do you have US plug for our socket? If not, can I custom it?

Below is our standard and our custom plugs:

We can accept your custom plugs, the extra cost is 1.50 usd/pc. Please advise us if you need custom plug before your place order.

I want to distribute your products. Do you accept OEM?

Yes, we accept OEM for free when your order meet requirement.The requirements as below:

FREE OEM Qty. requesting for PROJECTOR:

FREE OEM Qty. requesting for PACKAGING:

If your order is not suit the requirements, the OEM should be charged. And the finial extra cost should be counted by your order detailed.

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