Gobo FAQs

Gobo FAQs

What do you need from me to quote a custom gobo?

1. If you can edit artwork on your sides, you could finish it and send to us. The best file format for gobo production is vector format (such as CDR, EPS, AI for 1~4colors additional PSD, PDF for full colors). High resolution images will just do fine. You can either upload your artwork on our website or send art files attached to an email. 

2. If you can't edit artwork on your sides, you can contact or email us with your idea. We'll follow your requirement one on one to finish the artwork for you. In this way may cause time- consuming, but it will be finished under your patient communication.

Standard Gobo Sizes?

Please check as below:

In which colors I can use to edit my Artwork?

In which colors I can use to edit my Artwork?

We usually match the colors of your artwork with the colors of our Standard Color Palette. Shown here are the colors as Pantone print equivalents so they can be compared in color books. Gobos are manufactured in an entirely different process from print but we believe this is the easiest way to make color references.

We are able to make virtually any color, but we cannot guarantee the exact match of your colors in the resulting projection due to variations in the fixtures and projection surface. The color of a projected image will always vary from the print color as there is only limited control over the projection environment.

Please let us know if you need us to match a special color. This may require to change to a more expensive gobo color type, for example, a Two Color Gobo can become a Full Color type.

Our Color Sample  Sample As Below:


How can I send you larger files?

If you use our standard online upload system on our website, you can upload files of up to 100MB size

If for some reason you can't upload your files on our website, you can choice another online upload service, and sent the link of download to us by email or messaging.

Can I see my gobo before you make it?
Yes, we will send the picture to you after we finish the artwork, for your approval to make it.
If I have already paid, but I want order cancelled?

Before we making your gobos, your cancelled notice could be accepted free. If the gobos are under producing, it could not be cancelled.

Do you make metal gobos?
No, we don’t produce metal gobos. In fact, we only produce glass gobos matching our projectors.
How fast can you deliver?

Our Gobos production days:

Our Express delivery days:

What is the advantage of glass gobos?
There are multiple big advantages with glass gobos, the primary one is the absence of tabs which holds the image or inner parts pieces as is with a metal gobo. The result is that the image can be reproduced with very high resolution, sharpness and details.
How heat resistant are your glass gobos?
Our gobos materials are imported from Germany, which is high temperature resistant ability. The working temperature is -40℃~300℃.
How should I handle my glass gobo?
Handle a gobo carefully, its glass after all. Don’t touch the gobo surface because the oil from your skin may “bake in” when exposed to the high temperature of the light source. Remove fingerprints with a soft cloth. If necessary dampen the cloth with some alcohol. When not in use, store the gobo at a dry place.
How to mount or change my gobo?

Please read our manuals or check our video of gobo changing.

Which direction should the gobo be placed in the fixture?
For all of our projectors, please always remember mount the gobos front side facing the LED light source before using.
How should I clean my gobos?
It is very important to try to avoid getting dirt or grease on to the surface of the gobos as this can cause heat to build up in these areas causing hot spots, these hot spots may damage the coatings. The aluminum coating used on the gobos is very thin and is easily scratched. Great care must be taken when trying to clean them. Always try compressed air first. Do not use any moistened (like alcohol or acetone) even water to clean it. Only can be cleaned by very gently using a dry silk or cotton or air blower to remove the dust or fingerprint.
Can I get gobos in my local gobo supplier?
Yes, if you have gobo supplier in your local, which can custom gobo with our standard size, in this case you can get gobos from this supplier suit yourself.

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